Beloved we have communicated over the past 5 years concerning royal forever family stewardship and governing effectively by a single thread that runs through all seven mountain/aspects of culture. (money and saving money).

How do we extend real help? filling the sheep's hands with the practical, positioning them, while leading others into knowing Yeshua multi-factedly in their extreme value and worth ... right down to the least of these amidst obtaining Yeshua' full inheritance (and yours being co-heirs) ... then on into the formation of His company Good Samaritans, the highest form of love.

His invitation remains by simply attaching and attracting all to free 24 karat gold savings accts resulting in free websites, a savings plan and a business for the least of these.

Also, as we transition, Heaven's premise is our own USA gold backed currency (seen asset example model here) to Phase II Johnny Enlow's prophetic outworking's -- to the Trump Administration, amidst our California sphere of authority objectives and influence.

Lets be really clear. I know we are humble enough to learn from another nation if Yeshua so chose to redeem Germany and raise a man out of the country that once bred a leader that tried to wipe his covenant people off the face of the earth. Do you not think that it is his right to redeem and restore all things?  Acts 3:21 - As this season is all about Him amidst our making a way for those... who will come along behind and beside us.

Also, as we press towards fulfillment of Seven Days of Heaven at the Hollywood Bowl we are certain in making Father known (Phase II) on a state and national level as, the greatest economic strategist ever, provider and remover of our nation's debt, right into His latter-end corporate distributional financial shift "opportunity for all" stating details here  ... along with Johnny Enlow facets written + audio... to our being taken (by dream impression) to literally standing in a California cavern of gold.




Listen to 1.07 Minute Mark of Johnny Enlow Podcast for governing factions he mentions: 


"He who does not have a finance justice system for these; will be left on the raw end of the deal" Johnny Enlow Quote / Sept 11th 2017 

_That Is A Transition Date Beloved_

As we hone in on Justice (Yeshua' heart) for inner-cites, the oppressed and breaking racial divide. We cannot leave all these matters solely for government or already established social organizations.

We are called corporately by Holy Spirit to come along side and to help bring understanding to the root of foundational matters/issues such as the ever increasing cost of living and low wages for many amidst the U.S. dollar loosing 98.7 % of it's buying power. Couple that in with FDIC control/bankers extracting 36 million an hour from all Americans and, you've laid the axe to the roots of injustice, exposing the proverbial trees.

Therefore, let us consider that we need to come alongside these and assist Donald in restoring heaven's intent for stewardship and a national family model that brings about certainty and hope for all in the One we love.



USA Phase I Mission below completed:

The Brilliance of the G-d of Israel in His Stunning International Bullion Laws,

(Elohiym redeeming Germany/Nations). 

Asset savings example : Free Website + Account from the privacy of your homes.


*Does not effect anyone’s 501c3 status, (though Yeshua recommends an out of 501c3's) as it is a personal internal benefit and sign-on for all*** 

Love Branding 1.jpeg

Love to connect with you in these super-simple-each-one-does-his-own-small task sign on process... amidst the thing I see as everyone pressing in their sphere for growth yet, I Am is attempting to get everyone to see that we can have a single 24 karat gold-money thread (as an add-on to any project, life, calling or vocation, where one can also create a unique gold branding card) that causes us as a nation to tie our calling's together into a saving verses spending business model which includes App and Gold Pay Merchant Systems.

Blk 999 Debit Card.jpg


Consider a free 24 Karat Gold Savings/Purchasing Acct (as you've seen our sponsored Mother's Site too / Kingdomwealth.

All "Customers" obtain completely free zero obligation 24 karat gold savings/ordering/delivery or storage acct online.

Look at the Gold gift cards, Branding Cards, various 0.01 to 0.06 goldcash, 1,2.5 to 5 Gram increments (Gold Money Fiat Currency (paper) for as little as appx $8.00. each with 24 Karat Gold within.

Free site with back-office seen above as Customer /kingdomwealth/kingdomtransfer)

5 block step by step simple-self EDU Vid's (in Back Office) via email after sign on. 

What other company offers this as an add-on to anyone's sphere. This single 24k 999.9 gold/money thread is bigger than all the markets put together.


Karat Pay Gold System / Our Sponsored Mother's Virtual Office Site: 


VIDEO within V.O by Robert Kiyosaki or here: 

Can we  wrap our heads around being prepared for those we love? Savings partner's in a gold company as they turn 18? How about insurance for money (vs life insurance?) beloved with 0.1 to 0.6 Grams of 24K Gold in paper bills for as little as $8.00 / One can also literally carry hundreds of grams of gold on ones person easily. 1, 2.5 and 5 gram increments also available all with serial numbers, forensics etc. (Accepted for goods and services in foreign missions fields, now in 121 countries, disciple nations premise economic-wise for financial foundation and distributional purposes) ... gold prices shall increase into Yeshua' multiplication premises, parable of "A Talent" ... weight of gold, precious metal.

 Baby Gold.jpg.

DO NOT MISS THIS KEY: Consider your own Custom 24K Gold Branding Card as we set the Gold standard into many lives and Industries:

e.g. Heavenly Father Loves You (gold ingot gift cards) - Yeshua Gave His All 4 You - Holy Spirit Comforts - The Kingdom of Heaven - Elohiym's Practical Love - Mercy Is Yeshua.


Revelation 11:15 "Press into fulfilling this My children...for the kingdoms (systems) of this world have become the Kingdom of our G-d and His Messiah" / Heaven is full of gold.




If you think about the entire market place what single thread runs throughout every business?

Is it not money?

And, do you think that all people everywhere whether in or out of business need to or like to save money

In a world that always requires money to leave yours hands where someone sells you a consumable product,

Wouldn't it be refreshing to HAVE a zero risk asset by saving money instead of spending money?

This is what we are presenting, "A Saving verses Spending Business Model"

Via a 'Free Self Managed online deliverable 24k Gold Savings Account'


"My children if you can shift corporately, I will lead you into the place and into the state, where if you we're invited into the White House, you would be carrying My economic gold USA distributional asset example as a faceted savings solution for your nation. Even amidst all the Gold that is to be revealed in My securing your nations debt, My system of distributing it flows gracefully out of My heart, from within the treasure of each person ordained and every family that I have created for My glory in royal stewardship. 

This Justice Financial System Is Up And Running In 121 + Countries as WE - Father, Spirit and Son and Mikael have watched it carefully over the last 5 years. 

We are still waiting and going into Creation in Biz Opp.

Consider having located a company as a USA asset example, i.e. trading paper dollars into free gold savings acct seen with potential "to effect" societal culture, in tandem as a gold add-on allowing one to brand oneself differently amidst this generation- displaying practical love gifts to others, out of the extreme wealth of heaven, our Father owning all -yet urging royal forever family stewardship.


These facts are established amidst the certainty of an onsite testimony as we know what we have seen and heard from our Lord.


Coupled in are Spirit given plans to change the Industry and the music industry by giving away of more than we keep, as the wealthiest people on earth, co-heirs with Messiah. This concept in time was sought, designed 'to effect' economic societal culture, civil government with an inference to national corporate unity, even amidst the media, as we brought relief to many, shifting America's dominant financial infrastructure out of the hands of select few within FDIC worldly systems... where these acquire 36 million an hour beloved from all Americans.


RECAP: Save gold purchase gold / App + Gold Merchant System available – Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency and or assist in debt relief from merchant credit card systems ... who have cornered the market continually collecting charge fees. (more debt).

Our and/or Your free duplicative Custom Site: 

 SIGN ON AT ABOVE SITE: Chose "Customer" for free 24 Karat Gold savings account.

*It is important to note that Karatbars does not accept Bitcoin and does not want Bitcoin- RATHER ... The payment processor that Karatbars uses accepts Bitcoin but pays Karatbars in Euros, (that into gold, and KB pays all commissions on business end to US dollars or any open countries currency). Karatbars is about helping people turn fiat cash paper and or digital currency into physical 24 Karat gold.

Karatbars was founded in 2011 in Germany and now provides over 500,000 accounts in 121 countries. Karatbars give the public the opportunity to turn devaluing fiat currency and Bitcoin into 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion.

Not only does Karatbars offer the best prices for 01.gram up to 5gram gold bullion but the company also offers free storage or Fedex insured delivery.


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