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When a US Special Forces unit is dropped into enemy territory each soldier is actually given a Gold Medallion to wear on his chest, this is so those within the drop zone will see the Gold so that the soldiers can barter and give the Gold to those who are in the targeted zone of the enemies territory. These people are often oppressed and held captive by a small group of people within their nation. Then, the oppressed join in and side with the soldiers to help them navigate into their mission, selah. This we believe is a prophetic picture of our coming USA exploit and, what one should be consider concerning our present and future well being of our children within this nation, Israel and other nations surrounding her. We are working with the IDF of Heaven in the time-line exploits countering the context of Daniel 11:24-43 right into chapter 12 in tandem with Revelation 10:1-7 through Revelation Chap 17-18 outworking's.



"For if their (present) rejection (of Salvation--Yeshua) is for the reconciliation of the world (to God), what will their acceptance (of Salvation) be but (nothing less than) life from the dead!"

WATCH THIS EMBEDDED VIDEO  From the Movie "One of Us" our dear Jewish relatives in the East Coast__2 Links Here w/trailer.


I will shake all the nations, and they will come with the desirable and precious things of all the nations,

and I will fill this house with glory and splendor,’ says the LORD of hosts.

The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the LORD of hosts.

The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts.

and in this place I shall give (the ultimate) peace and prosperity,’ declares the Lord of hosts.” 

We believe some are destined to bring gifts of Gold before this Rabbi for the Jerusalem House of Prayer


Jerusalem Special Report - The Building of the Third Temple

Listen to this Rabbi speak on One New Man.

Without knowledge of the New Testament?




In the ancient Song of Deborah, the Tribe of Zebulun are described as sending to the battle those that handle the sopher shebet / the 'rod of the scribe'; those who wielded it would have been the associates/assistants of lawgivers. In Jewish tradition, the tribe of Zebulun have symbiotic relationship with the tribe of Issachar, a tribe that traditionally was seen as having many scholars, whereby Zebulun would financially support Issachar's devotion to study and teaching of the Torah, in exchange for a share of the spiritual reward from such learning. More recent scholarship, as expressed render the description in the Song of Deborah of the people sent to battle by Zebulun as "those who handle the marshal's staff"; in other words, Zebulun had sent military officers in the aid of their brothers and for the sake of their nation call.

In the Song of Deborah, the tribe is specially singled out as having "offered their lives to death in the region of Merom," (Judges 5:18); and praised because there came "out of Zebulun they that led the army to fight," as in Hebrew, "they that carry the pen of the writer," i.e., such as recruiting and inspecting officers and, as a warring wealth tribe. (Judges 5:14)...Therefore,

"As I bring in the new My children you must understand your true identity in ME and brand yourselves differently amidst this sight and sound generation. I also want you to consider your traditions, what little effect they have had on truly transforming culture and, gain the understanding of where I AM taking everyone in the end, so that, all can move forward rightly discerning times and seasons".

This next video is proof that many may be wholly unaware of what is eminent in regards to the truth concerning the United States Military, Jerusalem and how we must continue to intercede. Rare insight from Yeshua to a 15 year old Nathan, guided by a Rabbi right out of Jerusalem clearly depicting the future, out of testimony encounter, with Yeshua.

"The call is to grant all a new understanding of what it means to govern a nation, so that, I can move you into your window for exploit's and the greater works I spoke of".


Kim Clement Excerpt from Elijahlist - See Press Room for tie in... "The Stone of Revelation" Yeshua!

"Now hear me, please. The giant of debt, the giants that have come, the brothers of Goliath, stand in glee watching America. "We will cripple you. You will lose your credit." But God said, "Watch. I said 20,000. Look not to Wall Street; however, observe. And they shall say, 'What is your plan for this giant?' And he will take a simple stone," (remember the name), "and he will hold it up and they will laugh at him, but the plan is so brilliant," says the Lord. "It could only have been given by Me" (Kim Clement)



"My children aim at hitting this realm in your place of witness with your Jewish brothers and sisters before Me" >   


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