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What is to occur beloved when the impossible and the unimaginable comes together? We all bring in the Glory of the G-d of Israel. "G-d came from Teman, the Holy One from Mount Paran, his glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise". 

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"Beauty is honor personified, loving people until they ask why? - In the experience of My revealed kindness as Abba/Daddy comes My Salvation, My Spirit, My presence, a new understanding out of an un-offend-able heart in the 16 aspects of my love... bringing in the moments, bright and aware as We target, what about friendship? practical help in the interest of other's, these, those called to complete the redeemed".

How will you draw others? unless you stun their hearts with the beauty, majestic power and love of this Diamond of a Man, His Father and His Spirit--out of the gift that resides within you? - when his jewel's, musicians, artists come onto the scene out his new sound, in his desire to sing (to American's) and leave the impression most necessary within the hearts of those called to complete the redeemed, we will then see moments that actually produces light, glory and a spectrum of color (link that which we've seen) in majestic beauty yet to be seen by all, depending on venue/location. It may be, at that time, according to his heart, to be seen/heard/experienced, that which is outside the norm of any concert or public venue. Some may experience termed by Ruach as inter-dimensional encounters + Rev 14:6 Angels, as the G-d of Israel steps into time and space from the fourth dimension, a realm that's as close to you as brushing your hands along the side of your face, coupled with the miraculous, new signs and wonders in our sky/mid-heaven to full color spectrum rainbows with golden glory, appearing over hitting the stage as Angels accompany his Artist's.

Event will feature artists of all types, singers, musicians, dancers, children inspirational voices and system of economy to fund one's divine purposes. All donation tickets purchased are to be escrowed in order to provide full transparency of management. Venue date to be determined as we move forward, stay tuned for more press releases.




Thank you for your consideration, participation and support! 


Johny Qwest, and Heaven's Vital Impact 7 Group


(Please do not donate or buy tickets as we are still under construction - pp link disabled - pls contact thru site path About - Guest Book).

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