Beloved this is not about making or serving money yet rather effecting culture to the fulfillment of Rev 5:10-12, the second to only 7-fold decree from Heaven's Elders, "Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and riches + 5..." e.g. the coming gold backed USTN (United States Treasury Note) onto the scene (amidst nations experiencing justice currency revaluation to gold standard) and yet, who has current gold capabilities to everyone distributional... as we target creating our kingly stance and team rooted in economic strength for the many.


 Justice Finance GSSA Gold Savings Security Administration In Process

"He who does not have a finance justice system for these (as in prisoners) will be left on the raw end of the deal"

Johnny Enlow Quote / Sept 11th 2017 


Truths: A Talent of Gold / Multiplication Premise Yeshua 


 USA Phase I Mission Communications Completed:

The Brilliance of the G-d of Israel in His Stunning International Bullion Laws,



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 Baby Gold.jpg.


If you think about the entire market place (or the 7 mountains) what single thread runs throughout every business and sphere of life?

Is it not moneyAnd, do you think that all people everywhere whether in or out of business need to or like to save money

In a world that always requires money to leave yours hands where someone sells you a consumable product, wouldn't it be refreshing to HAVE a zero risk asset by saving money instead of spending moneyThis in time and facet is what we shall present, "A Saving verses Spending Business Model" 

"My children if you can shift corporately, I will lead you into the place and into the state where if invited into the White House you would be carrying a gold savings and distributional asset example in a faceted solution example for your nation. Even amidst all the Gold that is in California, My system of distributing it flows gracefully out of My heart, from within the treasure of each person ordained and every family that I have created for My glory in royal forever family stewardship".

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