Beloved this is not about making or serving money yet rather effecting culture to the fulfillment of Rev 5:10-12, the only 7-fold decree from Heaven's Elders, "Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and riches.." e.g. the coming gold backed USTN (United States Treasury Note) to come onto the scene (amidst nations experiencing justice currency revaluations) and yet, who has a current gold money asset with capabilities to everyone distributional... as we target creating Heaven's Custom Gold Branding Cards to give away and save.



"He who does not have a finance justice system for these (these as in prisoners) will be left on the raw end of the deal"

Johnny Enlow Quote / Sept 11th 2017 

_Recorded via Pod Cast on a Transition Date_

Truths: A Talent of Gold / Multiplication Premise Yeshua 


 USA Phase I Mission Communications Completed:

The Brilliance of the G-d of Israel in His Stunning International Bullion Laws, (Note gold branding and gift cards in scrolling pictures with a USA bend)


DUAL SYSTEM GOLD PAY CYCLE OVERVIEW: (free acct here our sign on tab)


Asset savings example + Free Website + Gold savings account from the privacy of your homes.


*Does not effect anyone’s 501c3 status as it is a personal internal benefit and sign-on for all*** 

Love Branding 1.jpeg


Gold V.0. Site /

0.1 to 0.6 Grams of 24K Gold in paper bills for as little as $8.00 / Grams of gold 1, 2.5 and 5 gram increments with serial numbers, forensics etc. (Accepted for goods and services in foreign missions fields, now in 121 countries. Multiplication premises Parable of "A Talent i.e. weight of gold, precious metal.

 Baby Gold.jpg.

KEY: Our own your own emph Heaven's Custom 24K Gold Branding Card 



If you think about the entire market place (or the 7 mountains) what single thread runs throughout every business and sphere of life?

Is it not moneyAnd, do you think that all people everywhere whether in or out of business need to or like to save money

In a world that always requires money to leave yours hands where someone sells you a consumable product, wouldn't it be refreshing to HAVE a zero risk asset by saving money instead of spending moneyThis is what is presented, "A Saving verses Spending Business Model" Via a 'Free Self Managed online deliverable 24k Gold Savings Account'


"My children if you can shift corporately, I will lead you into the place and into the state where if invited into the White House you would be carrying a gold "distributional asset example" in a faceted solution example for your nation. Even amidst all the Gold that is in California, My system of distributing it flows gracefully out of My heart, from within the treasure of each person ordained and every family that I have created for My glory in royal forever family stewardship. 

Justice Financial System Example Running In 121 + Countries / Father, Spirit, Son, Judah have watched gold company last 7 years. 

We are still waiting and going into Creation in Biz Opp.

Consider having located a company as a USA asset example, i.e. trading paper dollars into free gold savings acct seen with potential "to effect" societal culture, in tandem as a gold add-on allowing one to brand oneself differently amidst this generation- with Custom Gold Branding Cards - displaying practical love gifts to others, out of the extreme wealth of heaven, our Father owning all -yet urging royal forever family stewardship.

These facts are established amidst the certainty of an onsite testimony as we know what we have seen and heard from our Lord.

7 Step Cycle one actual company testimony by simply moving $2000 correctly at a VIP Package level: 

"Out of 964 transactions at a VIP Package level produced $29,000 of income for that month.

It didn't take thousands of people... it took simple DUPLICATION"
"VIP sponsoring 2 VIPs (each one does their simple part beloved!) in a whole 30 days, 1 left team, 1 right team
and then those VIPs doing the same in a whole month (another 30 days)
draw that out for 12 months...
And that is over $1,000,000,00
just in package bonus alone,
That is not even taking into account...
The VOLUME and Dual Team Commissions from:
The gold saved weekly...the other non VIP packages, such as *Bronze, *Sliver, *Gold or any other commissions rolled back into getting more gold FREELY... 
or any other Uni-Level (once a month) Bonuses...
for the benefit of all involved in your sphere.” Dan Girolmo

If you could imagine running this out in an entire town city or community the stability, wealth and free-gold is unimaginable just by 'a corporate shift' of saving 'a potion' of our money together., to the recouping of every dollar + free grams of gold --our family's personal testimony!

Coupled in are Spirit given plans to change the Industry and the music industry by giving away of more than we keep, as the wealthiest people on earth, co-heirs with Messiah. This concept in time was sought, designed 'to effect' economic societal culture, civil government with an inference to national corporate unity, even amidst the media, as we brought relief to many, shifting America's dominant financial infrastructure, FDIC worldly systems... where these acquire 36 million an hour beloved from all Americans, banking fees etc.


USA Spirit Insights here: 



Save gold purchase gold / App + Gold Merchant System available – Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency and or assist in debt relief from merchant credit card systems ... who have cornered the market continually collecting interest/usery fees, more debt for american's. ("he who gathers wealth by interest and usery gathers it for those who are gracious to the poor").

Our and/or Your free duplicative Custom Vritual Site:  -- SIGN ON SITE: Chose "Customer" for free 24 Karat Gold savings account.


Sidenote: Covering It All

*It is important to note that Karatbars does not accept Bitcoin and does not want Bitcoin- RATHER ... The payment processor that Karatbars uses accepts Bitcoin but pays Karatbars in Euros, (that into gold, and KB pays all commissions on business end to US dollars or any open countries currency). Karatbars is about helping people turn fiat cash paper and or digital currency into physical 24 Karat gold.

Karatbars was founded in 2011 in Germany and now provides over 500,000 accounts in 121 countries. Karatbars give the public the opportunity to turn devaluing fiat currency and Bitcoin into 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion. Not only does Karatbars offer the best DELIVERED to you (NOT THE LIE OF SPOT PRICES) for 01. to 0.6 to 1.0 2.5 grams up to 5 grams gold bullion AND the company also offers free storage or Fedex insured TO YOUR DOOR tracked delivery.


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