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To USA Family's who have suffered, not understanding all you have been through,

"We have not failed... we are not weak believers with little faith. We are hurting people trying to cope with life on this planet". Our loving Father in heaven understands and he has a lot of grace for us".

 Author Robia Scott,  'Counterfeit Comforts'


Simple business plan based on real life testimony - to many family's needing hope and restoration:

1) Follow Dad support $7000 GFM (God Funds Me) to acquire "Gift Car" for 2019 VI7G Event Venue, "End of Year Party". http://ube4me.com/gift-car-giveaway/  (Black Lexus in mind for gift-car-give-away).

2) Can you help with corporate sponsors in obtaining car for employment + P.P.O Security license cost for security firm to future family owned security company?

3) It takes one person to testify on behalf of another, simple premise. (Contact us if you'd like to discuss or don't understand this, these matters). 323-875-3136

4) Back to the realm of Eden (within the One we love), as we brand ourselves amidst this sight and sound generation, https://mikaeljudah.wixsite.com/americaneden (URL coming AmericanEden.us), filming the best highlights excerpts of who you are as a gift to this world.(Quick read grasp's site corporate premise).

5) Goal: One year out (Lord willing) to first VI7G Event after steady employment flow, income for family. / $100 Tickets x 250 Attendees covers projected cost of venue.


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